Ball Control

Full Swing, Short Game and Putting.

Organized Practice Plan

Set Yourself Up For Success

Taking it to the Course

Course and Self-Management Skills

What to Expect

Our Private Coaching program is designed for the player who wants to improve, but due to a busy schedule, doesn’t have the realistic time to completely dedicate and train like a professional. If you are able to dedicate 1-2 session(s) of coaching per month, and some practice time, then this program is a great fit for you.

A Victory coach will begin by assessing your game in an initial evaluation. By utilizing the latest technologies, the coach will identify the weakest link(s) in your game, and then prescribe a plan that best fits your ability and the amount of time you are able to dedicate.

Coaching Session Fees

The initial evaluation will involve getting to know as much about the student as possible. The current state of their game, what they want to accomplish, and how best to get there. Following the initial evaluation, a customized lesson program will be developed. Cost and payment options will also be discussed. Each golfer has different goals. Our purpose is helping them to achieve whatever their “Victory” might be.

All Ages

We work will all levels of players and strive to make the learning process an enjoyable experience. One of our specialties is working with young people who aspire to play competitively at the High School and or College level.