Club Fitting & Repair

Custom Fittings

Fitted golf clubs reward your good swings with good results.

Repair Services

Quick turn-around time so you can improve your game.

Equipment & Supplies

Large selection of choices just for you.

Fitting Services

There’s a direct correlation between your unique golf swing and the golf clubs that perform best for you. Fitted golf clubs reward your good swings with good results, while off-the-rack clubs can introduce variables you must overcome by altering your swing. With poorly fitted equipment, even your good swings can produce bad results.

Current Equipment Assessment

To establish a benchmark of your current clubs, your fitter uses launch monitors to measure spin rates, launch angles, carry, total distance, dispersion, and more.

Identify & Test Clubs

Your fitter crunches the numbers and identifies recommended club head & shaft combinations for you to test.


With your best head & shaft combination locked in, your fitter hones lofts, lies, shaft length, swing weight and grip to fully optimize your recommendations.

Order Your Clubs

If you choose to purchase clubs from us, we'll work directly with the manufacturer who builds them to your exact specifications.

Fitting Fees

Fittings include: Length, Loft, Grip and Shaft, Equipment Type, Swing Weight and Free SPEC Checks and Adjustments. All SPEC’s will be checked when new equipment is received.

If the person being fitted purchases equipment from our shop, a portion of the fitting fee will be applied towards their purchase.

Club Repair Services


Equipment giving you trouble?
Get back to the course at the top of your game with our repair services.

Services Include:

*Please Call for Current Pricing

Golf Equipment & Supplies

At Victory Golfworks we provide a large selection of golf equipment and supplies. In addition to custom fit clubs, we stock the latest in golf balls, apparel, and accessories at fabulous prices. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it for you quickly. Equipment trade-ins are always welcome, top values given for your used clubs when buying new equipment. New equipment loft and lie can be adjusted to fit your specs at no additional cost.

We have a large selection and offer a 24 hour turn around guarantee on in-stock grips. We help those looking for golf equipment and supplies with a great selection, knowledgeable staff, and low prices.

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